Friday, April 8, 2016


J A N U A R Y 

At Christmas we were able to share with our families that we were expecting a little boy! We were both excited to share that with them, however, we still had anxieties. The thing I hate most about pregnancy is that I want to see my baby everyday, but especially when I go to the doctor.

I do not know why but one particular night in January I COULD NOT sleep. I can't remember what I was worried about something, but I had not felt my baby move yet, and it was scaring me. I had worked my self up so much that my hands had turned blue (it's weird, but anxiety and stress make my hands turn blue)... Instead of calling the doctor and telling them I was worried, I got my mom to stop by an ultrasound place in Dothan to take a peek. He happened to be perfec and calm.

I was actually only 17weeks, the lady typed wrong
We headed out to Denver for the Western Apparel Market that we always go to in January. It's always a super quick trip, but this time we managed to wander off a little bit. We never fail to find good food, and ate our our favorite breakfast spot, Snooze. Blake got his eyebrows threaded, which was pretty humorous. 

We made it to a big milestone - I hit the 20 Week mark! This was an especially big deal for us, because there were moments when we wondered if we would ever be able to have children. 20 weeks was exciting, but we were/are still in the whole mindframe of, let's just get this baby here. When you've dealt with infertility and loss, you feel somewhat like, I don't believe it until I see it... as in see the baby in my hands. (maybe that's just us). Nonetheless, we were VERY excited & this was my first pregnancy picture.

2016 has brought a lot of new babies to our family. January Lance & Kristen and Kaitlyn and Austin has baby boys. We visited all the babies, but sadly only snapped a picture of the visit to see baby Wyatt. We love being an Aunt/Uncle.

My mom, sister and I spent a weekend in Atlanta baby shopping. I had mapped out all the baby stores I wanted to go to, I wanted to find a crib and a rocker (both of which I did NOT find in Atlanta). But my other favorite store for baby items happened to be there, and we loaded the trunk down. And we also loaded our stomachs up. We found a pizza place on Man vs. Food. The pizza was huge, but other than that... nothing super impressive.
Blake had his first interview with a DPT program at UNF. And we celebrated Valentines Day at Taco Bell, and I ain't one single bit mad about it. Seriously, I think we might have a Spanish Baby.

Blake makes me breakfast every morning ( did I get lucky or what? ) He'll cook me whatever I request.. Which typically looks something like this.

The day after Valentines day I shot off to Vegas for one of my favorite work trips. My mom always goes on this one with me, which I like (she likes to eat good - and we usually have a pretty good time). 

The turbulance was a little rough on the plane ride from Panama City to Houston. I wondered at times if I wouldn't be dying on a Southwest Airplane. And as typical, laughed as tears streamed down my face, because I was so nervous. 

Breakfast at a little restaurant in Caesars. I've never had a salad for breakfast (don't worry I didn't eat it) But that Omelette was delicious. And the bread they served made me feel like I was in France. 

It's always chinese new year when we are there and the hotels have the coolest decorations set up. The Bellagio typically has the best (or the best I see). This year it was the year of the Monkey or as some people believed, the year of the orange.

We went to cheer on our little nephew Camden in his Basketball League. Since we are his "basketball playin" aunt and uncle we figured it was pretty important for us to support him! He always gets excited when he has a fan club, and really could care less if he plays or not. 

We also got started on baby boys room. We had purchased some shelves a while back, but hadn't been able to put them up. We wrangled Calvin into coming over and putting them up for us... I mean if you want it done right, get the handy man! I mainly loved how Blake was sitting there watching, while I was sitting against the wall watching. We're so much help!

We celebrated 24 Weeks - a good 24 weeks checkup with a trip to Great American Cookie Factory. I love icing and asked the lady if she could put a 24 on the cookie. She of course thought I was odd, but did it anyways. 


Welcome to the month of leg cramps. I woke up with the WORST leg cramps, and Blake hooked me up with his handy dandy stocking from surgery. They helped, so whatever. I broke all sorts of personal fashion rules with these things and my tennis shoes.

My grandma ended up in the hospital, on her Birthday, and ended up getting a little confused while in there. I couldn't resist taking this picture, she was cracking me up. She told me she bought the room there and she was planning on how she was going to decorate it. I brought her some flowers for her birthday and the nurses got her a balloon, and this is what she looked like walking the halls confused. 

Blake also celebrated is 29th Birthday in March! We celebrated a little low key. My parents took us out for his Birthday the night of his birthday. We went to Hunts in Panama City and had some seafood. Their oysters are my favorite around, and Blake just loves seafood. When they came out to sing to him, Layne was a little upset that the dessert was not for him. The little kid LOVES birthdays!

Blake and I had sushi to celebrate his birthday RIGHT before I took the 1-hour glucose test (week 28 appointment). I passed. So apparently sushi is a good luck charm ;)

Thursday, January 28, 2016

|| August [through] December ||



August was full of events. We started it off with a RoadTrip to Ft.Lauderdale for one of our great friends Wedding! She and Peter were married in the Ft. Lauderdale, Florida LDS Temple. They're easily one of our favorite couples (thought that may not appear to be true, no picture with Peter)

We met Karina in Tallahassee while at FSU. And share so many memories with her! We were so happy to be there to celebrate her day!

Her Reception followed that night. Where we got to see more people we really like (that would be Bethann) We danced, and ate some delicious food. Unfortunately there are no videos of mine and Blakes dancing. Those would be worth too much money.

Later in August we had an Anderson Weekend at the beach with Blakes Family on 30A. We don't live too far away, but it was still nice to go stay the weekend with everyone. We spent a lot of time at the beach. Chowed out on some food and were all sad to go back to Reality. And I went straight to the Chiropractor ( I'm not a clumsy person ) but I fell down the same set of stairs, TWICE. As in fell down half of them, stood up, and fell the rest of the way down. (Yes, I'm holding my hands over my face in shame as I share that).

PaddleBoarding Pro - Blake

We did some "House Shopping" - Love these homes in Watercolor

S E P T E M B E R :

We went deep sea fishing with one of my favorite Chipley families the beginning of September. We obviously didn't know how to hold our mouths. But it's not all about how many fish you catch, right? I mean it was so gorgeous out there, who needs to catch fish anyway? We saw a few Dolphins, caught a handful of red snapper, and Mrs. Kim caught a Mahi. The Mahi swam up in a group, and were the most beautiful sight. And that would be the highlight of September.

We caught a little rain on the way back in!

October happens to be my birthday month, and the world famous, Bonifay Rodeo. So it's always a little hectic, but perhaps a little more hectic this year.

All three of us Celebrate our Birthday's in October. I turned 21 (maybe 27, I can't remember) on October 2. Layne turned the big number THREE on the 5th and Jessica (my sister) turned the big THREE ZERO on the 8th. If you notice, we shared a cake, Jessica and I are obviously the princesses and Layne is the little clown!

We took the boys to the Rodeo while the big guys went to the Priesthood Session of the LDS General Conference. 

Camden give the Rodeo a Thumbs up!

So this happened in October. October 10th to be exact.


I spent most of the day in Tallahassee at a baby shower. After the baby shower I met up with Blake for Lunch, and then headed home, while he went to the Florida State Game. I had been a little nauseous the entire week, and was doing a really good job talking myself out of a pregnancy test. I had never had a "yes" before, and really do not like them. I wanted to do it before Blake got home, so that if it was a no, I could do my bathtub sob (it helps, I promise). But, instead, I took one, jumped in the bath, and then when I got out it looked like the above. I then tried to convince myself that it had sat too long, and was wrong. I decided I would take another test on Monday (the 12th) and then call my doctor if it said yes. Keep in mind, I hadn't told Blake yet... Monday I went and had my HCG and progesterone levels drawn. Then, with good news, I told Blake. And now, I'm 20 weeks along. It's been a crazy journey that I plan on sharing - not sure when - it may not be until I have a baby in my arms!

Those bones, yeah that also happened, I had decided I was going to go back to school. Our plans hadn't really gone how we had planned, so I signed up for two night classes and was planning on starting a program when Blake starts his. But, now my plans have changed again, and I'm going to be a mom! I did finish the classes with flying colors, and felt like everyones parent in them. It's so different going back to school being "older". 

In October we also discovered our new Favorite Oysters. Cajun Baked Oysters at Hunts in St.Andrews - You can never get a seat at this place in the summer, and fortunately for me I don't eat oysters in months that it's warm. So It felt like a win for us!

and lastly for October - We participated in our Annual Ward Halloween Party! Over 150 people attended and one or two of them may have gotten scared in our haunted house...



November we welcomed a new baby niece into the family. and I made my debut on the local news


We took our Christmas Pictures in December, but waited until after we made it to 12 weeks so we could take an announcement picture too. Up to this point we hadn't shared our news with anyone. ( I may have broke down and told my mom - and swore her to secrecy ) So we planned on using these pictures to tell the rest of our families.

Our best Christmas Picture - was obviously our Christmas Picture Selfie ;)


We found out the day after these pictures that we were having a BOY! 
And all the genetic screenings came back Positive!
Double the good news!

Also in December Blake shot his first deer - despite his face, he was really excited about it! And I was really excited about the Snack Sticks!

And just like that 2015 came to an end. We were stretched a lot this year. We were tested, we experienced trials, but in the end, I will have to say 2015 ended up being one of the best years yet! We are so excited for 2016, we're excited to welcome our little man into our family, and for all the exciting new adventures that are to come!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

June & July

June  & July passed in the blink of an eye...

(see what I did there)

But really, it did.


We celebrated Blakes Mom's & My Brother-In-Laws Birthday at the beginning of June. Dustin turned the BIG 3 0. My sister arranged a surprise dinner for him at Captain Andersons in Panama, and he was a little surprised to walk in to the whole crowd there to celebrate his big day.

His Birthday cake was topped with this huge Kettle Bell - which we all called a man purse!

We went down to the Temple in Orlando the second weekend in June to help clean the Temple. It was a great experience, once I have never been a part of before. I was in charge of dusting - Blake vacuumed and went over the carpet to make sure there were no lines in the carpet. The attention to detail and cleaning is so impressive, as I would have expected.

We also got to meet up with "The Fam" -

We of course hammered David, on his dating life - who he was dating, if he was dating. Karina is getting married in TWO weeks. So she was off the hook. We share so many fun memories with these two! And laugh more than you can imagine when we are all together.

And I scored this really cool plant (Ikea) ^^ and tweed thing ^^ (Pottery Barn) while in Orlando. My mom and sister were making fun of my love of real looking fake plants. I was pretty happy with how it looked on our ottoman, and there was so much sun light in our living room one day, this just seemed like the perfect picture, and perfect purchase. Blake is starting to understand my need for decor and finishes.


Who doesn't love July? I mean Fireworks and homemade ice cream, water slides and lazy pool days. July is one of the best months of the year.

Fourth of July - we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves on the Water Slide at my parents house - We went down multiple times with the nephews, and of course together. We almost flew off the end a time or two! I beg blake every year to throw me a summer birthday party with these things ; He laughs. He still hasn't gotten me that Trampoline I ask for every year. Somebody please tell him, he's supposed to get his wife what she asks for (!)

I also had a good time in July painting some thrift store finds. I'm still in search of finding handles that will fit, but I'm SO in love. I also bought a 1950's rocking chair, and I can't wait to reupholster it for our bedroom. 

We started a week of whole eating - in which I was super impressed. Night One I made Cauliflower Pizza. Not as bad as it sounds, and makes even better left overs (which I normally won't eat).

Shrimp Mango Tacos were up on the menu another night. I know, I was impressed with myself. The spice was really good on these, but I mainly just picked out all the shrimp to eat.

And then.. the next week, I didn't make it to the grocery store. Eating Habits fell like a rock. We discovered this little burger shop off of 30-A. And ate our little hearts out. Can you blame me?

Some of my favorite people came to town from Utah for Holly's brothers Mission Homecoming! I rode them around to see the cows on the farm - that's never a bad thing to get to leave work to do. Capri even drove us around some, pretty sure she's close to receiving her driving permit ;)

Then the end of the month my mom and I headed off to Utah for a wedding - It was a quick trip (flew out Thursday night, flew home on the Red-Eye Saturday Night/Sunday Morning). But I would definitely say we made the most of the time we had. 

The occurrence of events went something like this:

Friday - 

8 am - Run to walmart to buy all the essentials we forgot to pack / breakfast / get ready

10 am - Kayla's Bridal Shower ; being the chatty cathy's that we all are when we get together, we didn't not leave the bridal shower until 1 (!)

1 pm - Shopping 

3 pm - Lunch & then more Shopping

5 pm - Met up with Holly & family for Desserts.

... yeah so much for eating "Whole"

7 pm - Decided we were going to Hike Ensign Peak to see the Blue Moon. 

Unfortunately the picture doesn't do it justice. It was huge, and beautiful and bright.

The view on the way up was pretty gorgeous. I'm pretty obsessed with Mountain-Top Views.

Saturday we woke up early and headed over to the Salt Lake Temple to do a session.

After leaving the Temple - we rushed to change, and hurry down to Ogden for Kayla's Wedding. 

Once I put the address in the GPS it said that we would get there 18 minutes AFTER it began. Which meant we would have missed it. We were both a little upset, and were trying to figure out ways to cut time. I mean after all, this is what we flew to Utah for after all. We hadn't eaten and it was almost 2. 

Luckily, I realized our GPS was set on Florida time, and was an hour ahead. At that moment, we could both Breathe. 

& that concludes June and July.